The AMPHI Research and Trading (ART) Advantage

The ART of the Expertise

  • Focus on disciplined systematic strategies
  • Emphasis on derivatives – the most liquid markets in the world
  • Navigate within the managed futures, global macro, commodities adn foreign exchange space
  • Stong knowledge on all asset classes and portfolio construction

The ART of the Edge

  • Customized research on manager and portfolio value-added
  • Create capital structures that maximize balance sheet efficiency
  • Turn cutting edge research into actionable decisions

The ART of Process

  • Advice through deep knowledge of manager strategies and investor needs
  • Only focus on managers we know and believe in
  • Use our knowledge from being on both side of investment table to help facilitate decision-making

The ART of Efficiency

  • Efficiently employ brokerage and technology dollars spent
  • Offer customized services in a low-touch commoditized environment
  • Do not compete with FCM’s, manager, or investors – coordinate, advise, and enhance decision-making to better use capital